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Huncke's "Easter 1961" (Sound Interpretation in 3 parts)

   Image by Mari G I Mooney via  


Image by Mari G I Mooney via 


From The Herbert Huncke Reader:  "Easter" stands out as a prime example of automatic writing, and a multilayered description of daily life on Avenue C while Huncke was living with poet Janine Pommy Vega and artist Bill Heine—times also described in "The Magician" and "Beware of Fallen Angels".


Read/Interpreted by LW w/Fahey Loop in 3 parts.  (Part 3 coming soon.)


Huncke Centennial Celebration at The Beat Museum



Presented by the Beat Museum and Unrequited Records

Herbert Huncke has long been a marginal figure among marginal figures. A Times Square hustler whose writings shone a naked bulb upon the gritty urban underworld, peopled with dispossessed characters scraping an existence from the fringes of society, Huncke not only inspired the Beat Generation—he gave it a name.

This January would have been Huncke’s 100th birthday. Join us as we celebrate his centennial.

Appearances by:

  • Hilary Holladay
    (author – American Hipster: A Life Of Herbert Huncke)
  • Dennis McNally
    (author – Desolate Angel: Jack Kerouac, The Beats, and America)
  • Tate Swindell
    (record producer – Guilty Of Everything)
  • Ben Schafer
    (editor – The Herbert Huncke Reader)
  • Brenda Knight
    (author – Women of the Beat Generation)
  • Regina Marler
    (author – Queer Beats)
  • Laki Vazakas
    (filmmaker – Huncke and Louis)

This event is free of charge.