HH to Ginsberg - 1947 - (If little Jack cuts by)


Came home long enough to eat a couple of pancakes and drink a cup of tea.  Had expected to find you here but suppose something came up for you elsewhere.  I am going to see Charlie Peters and then perhaps I’ll go downtown.  I am not sure.  At any rate I am taking the key for the lock and when you leave just do the same as you did the other day.  I’ll be here in the morning and will await your return.

Really—I appreciate being able to get in but I can’t help but feel it isn’t wise to go out leaving the door wide open but that is probably because I’m not to be trusted myself.

If little Jack cuts by tell him I have a bit of a business situation I would like to speak of with him.  I’ll rather anticipate seeing him tomorrow if it is at all convenient.

See you—(most likely in the morning) that is—if not before you depart for work this evening.