HH to Ginsberg - 46-47 - (Keep cool & if Jack visits)


First—thank you.  And then—all going well—I’ll return sometime between now and dawn.  Per chance—something unexpected develops you can expect hearing from me or perhaps seeing me in the not to distant future—the next two days—for example.  Keep cool and if Jack visits you by all means detain him if it is possible—simply because I would enjoy talking with him as well as seeing him.  After all—it is now many moons since we last met.  Of course—if he be hurried by important affairs, he is to consider those first and I have nothing but selfish motives to justify his awaiting my return.

Several cats below your courtyard windows are exclaiming to the night and they fill me with a strange haunting.  I feel doomed—Allen.

See you later,


P.S.  One is permitted to say—shit—at this point,