HH to Peter Orlovsky - undated


I worked late—again—not getting away until nearly 7:30 P.M.  When I did leave—I began walking uptown looking for a place to live—quite forgetting the ticket—not remembering it until about nine–o’clock.  I feel badly about it since someone else could have used it.  I finally located a place—put a deposit on it and am supposed to move in to–night.  It is a rather strange small hotel—with all kinds of people living in it—Chinese—Negro—Puerto Rican—Pilipino—a regular international house.  The room is small—but is on the ninth floor affording an interesting view.  It is not far from Central Park.  I am not quite sure whether I will like it or not but it’s a beginning.  I’ll tell you about it when I see you.  Your planned evening with your family—sounds great.  If I don’t see you before I leave—I’ll try and get in touch with you Saturday evening.  I’m working all day Saturday.  This is pretty disjointed—I’m tired.  I can’t remember meeting Carl for sure—but I wrote him anyway.  I don’t really know whether the letter is even coherent—so you read it and if you think it is alright—mail it.

Thanks for being so great this last week—you were like the Peter I got to know a little bit.

I’m happy you sort of enjoyed the trip.  Honestly I embarrass myself—but I actually worried—the snow—icy roads—automobile accidents—will he drive carefully—slow—should I have told him to put the chains on.  Like an old hen with one chick.  Wow!

Janine was fine last night—I was glad to see her—the first time in quite a while—she is a real fine little chick.

Don’t worry if we miss seeing each other this evening.  I’ll get in touch with you.

Regards to Laff and Maire.

I tried in my mind to say goodbye—I can’t—even to myself.