Letter to Louis - undated - Thursday early

Thursday early


Didn’t get a chance to get this underway until now.  Things are a bit confused at this point—what with R’lene returning and moving back to the Sloan House and so forth.  Meanwhile maybe this will help you a little.

There will be a letter following (I’ll probably mail it later today) with at least another fifteen dollars.  I needed money per usual and sold about the last of my written original material.  Only made fifty dollars on it but want to share at least a little with you.  I don’t know how to arrange phone calls at present but will try and figure something out.

Be sure and let me know—about receiving this and the letter following so I won’t have to worry about your mail maybe having gone astray.

Please try and be a little patient a bit longer and I’m sure things will work out o.k.

No big thing—I know—but I love you.